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‏2003-01-08T16:51:54Z |

I am trying to convert a D3 NT 7.2.0 system over to UniVerse 10.0 and
have run into a wall at this initial stage. How should I go about making
uv recognize the D3 files? Thank you for any suggestions.

Michael DuFour

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    Re: D3 to Universe Migration

    Hi Michael,
    UniVerse has a new BASIC routines that allow you easily restore your D3 accounts into IBM UniVerse.
    Feel free to contact me directly if you need access to this code and help with converting.

    Adam Van Beek
    Senior I/T Specialist
    IBM Information Management
    ph: 781.895.1446 tie: 362.1446
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    Re: D3 to Universe Migration


    Now the product has been sold to ROCKET SOFTWARE, so support for ROCKET UNIVERSE can be found there mostly.

    Here is their url:

    However, there is still a lot of talent here with IBM as well.

    Robert Norman

    23441 Golden Springs Dr., #289, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
    (951) 541-1668
    Computer programming & software development in Universe BASIC for Rocket Universe, in PICK/BASIC for Rocket D3, in UNIBASIC for Rocket Unidata, in R/BASIC (REVELATION BASIC) for REVELATION TECHOLOGIES REVELATION, in JBASIC (JBC or JBASE BASIC) for TEMENOS JBASE, in DATA/BASIC for Northgate REALITY, in MV BASIC (Multivalue Basic) for Intersystems Cache Multivalue, and QMBASIC for Ladybridge OPENQM (QM).