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Pinned topic New MQ Header(RFH2) in Cobol/Mainframe

‏2002-08-07T10:13:10Z |
Hi All,

Is it possible to add some header to MQ message in cobol
application on OS390.

In fact, in JMS application we can add header like
textMessage.setStringProperty("property_name","property_value"); is any
equivalant is possible in Cobol Application on Mainframe?

Thanks in advance rakesh

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  • RahulBhave4684
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    Re: New MQ Header(RFH2) in Cobol/Mainframe



    I am still facing the same problem, could you please inform me if you have got any solution for the same???




  • MoragH
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    Re: New MQ Header(RFH2) in Cobol/Mainframe


    When the question was asked in 2002 there was no easy solution. However, these days with any version of MQ at V7 or later, you can use the message properties APIs to set properties and get the same functionally as JMS. Look at MQSETMP verb in Knowledge Center for more information. There are also online presentations and articles about MQ Message Property APIs if you search.