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Pinned topic Encryption with EJB and DB2

‏2003-06-17T08:38:48Z |
We need to store encrypted data into our DB. The plan was to make use of
DB2's encryption functions along with updatable views using INSTEAD OF
triggers (new feature of version 8.1). From the command line everything
works well.

We were, however, hoping that it would be possible to map our entity EJB to
this updatable view.

It seems like it is either not possible or we are still doing something

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

Or if anyone has any other suggestions on reading/storing encrypted data
please let us now.


Thanks in advance !!
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    Re: Encryption with EJB and DB2

    Hello. I know this is a long time ago but we are trying something a little similar: connecting with Hibernate to DB2 with encryption enabled.

    Did you get any luck with what you were trying, how did you approach the problem, if you dont mind me asking.

    Thanks for reading.