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‏2003-02-18T03:15:14Z |
I make a point of emphasizing "cultural" factors in the diffusion of technologies. Information technology is still juvenile enough, though (in a good sense), that many adoptions are made on sound technical grounds. Python presents an interesting example. While I bump into quite a few programmers who are taking up Python because, well, they're not truly sure why, Python really is a great language. In particular, it's one still fermenting happily, with an abundance of new and interesting uses turning up daily. I want to draw particular attention to a few public events: the UK Python Conference; the first PyCon , an event focused on hard-core developer issues, as opposed to the increasingly marketeering International Python Conferences; and, perhaps most intriguingly, this week's "PyPy Sprint" . The latter event, in progress right now, is an orgy of coding designed to make Python even more light-weight (in a good way) than it already is.

Python also benefits from local users group meetings all over the world. Enjoy the action.