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‏2001-07-17T02:29:59Z |
Has anyone found any good printed or online resources for JMX development? The
only resources I've managed to find are whitepapers which discuss the general
framework, but nothing like the wealth of info on, say, JSP, JMS, or other Java

I'm also curious to know what the long-term life expectance of JMX is -- is
there something else that might replace it soon? Is it worth investing the
time and money in a commercial release at this time?

Anyone with hands-on experience or opinions using JMX or JMX resources, I'd
love to hear from you.

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    RE: me too

    I have same question as u.
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    Re: JMX resources

    O'Reilly - Java Management Extensions
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    Re: JMX resources

    There is always new thing coming out next, as programmer we need to keep learning all the time.
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