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‏2003-02-02T19:31:35Z |
First, an administrative note. After a slow holiday season, I want to make this Forum more vital and lively. There's a backlog of compelling news having to do with scripting; I'll make a point of posting the one item I think most important each week, sometime between Sunday and Monday night. I hope this will help start your weeks off on a more productive or at least diverting tone.

Most urgent this week is that you pick up a copy of Perl Graphics Programming . While I haven't yet worked my way through the book, the Table of Contents is superb. It perfectly reinforces one of the chief messages of Server Clinic , that is, the possibility of automating on the server-side tasks people often regard as restricted to desktop expertise. Not only does Wallace work with PDF, the range of graphical formats including GIF, JPEG and SVG, and ImageMagick, but he documents important topics no other author has tackled: serious GIMP and Flash scripting. Even if you work in languages other than Perl, and even if you think you need only one of the chapters in this book, make sure you know what all it offers.