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‏2002-01-31T15:57:14Z |

I have read many java security examples that use command line options (e.g.
keytool) to generate keys or certificate.

I would like to creat keys and certificates through a graphical user interface;
since in real life you do not want to tell the user to type in this command.
Is this possible , are there any examples on the web that show how to creat /
manage keys and certificates using GUIs.

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    RE: Keytool using GUI

    If you got to alphaWorks you can download something called keyman which is GUI
    key management tool. But I havent seen any online documentation describing how
    to use such a GUI.
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    Re: Keytool using GUI

    I have build these kind of App. in JAVA.
    Capabilities :
    read a JKS keystore.
    JKS to Pem transform.
    Pkcs12 to Pem.
    Certificate Signing.
    JKS to Pkcs12.
    Certificate generation X509 V3.
    Certificate Signing from Certificate Signing Request.

    This was tested on Glassfish Server and ORACLE wallet.

    For more info. please contact me.