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‏2002-03-28T19:52:17Z |

I am tring get more information of Tivoli Policy Director, WEBSEAL. I searched
over tivoli website to but was not able to find documents that I am looking
for. Here is what I am looking for and some questions regarding the same:-

1. Technical documentation that speaks about implementation details of Tivoli
Policy Director.
2. An Java API on Policy Director
3. Third party integration document.
4. The documentation says policy director uses LDAP for its secure repository
store and any third party LDAP could be integrated. The question is can we have
PD not to use LDAP instead a relational db/flat files?
Basically I am tring to integrate Policy Director with HP-AS(HP application

Any insights are highly appriciated.


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    Re: Tivoli Policy Director

    IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (Tivoli Access Manager) version 6.1 builds on previous versions of Tivoli Access Manager and IBM® SecureWay® Policy Director to provide a complete authentication and authorization solution for corporate e-business environments.

    You can learn more in this link