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Pinned topic IBM customized Esxi not responding to system discovery

‏2013-10-14T14:33:11Z | discovery esxi

I have the IBM customized version for Esxi installed on several System x rack mounted servers. I am using Systems Director 6.3.3. I can successfully discover the IMM cards on the servers, but not the VM host. 

I did successfully manage these systems in the past from a different SD server. However, I had to build a fresh SD server, and when I try to discover the VMware hosts from this new server, the discovery waits about 20-30 seconds that stops without discovering any systems.

I'm wondering if there is an agent on the VMware host that still thinks it belongs to the old SD server? If so, what is the procedure for setting the agent to be unmanaged? Is there something else that is going on?

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: IBM customized Esxi not responding to system discovery


    There should be no agent installed on ESXi and by default, there isn't and it's not possible to do so anyway; the customisation made by IBM for management purposes is based around the CIM standard, which is queried from ISD Server directly.

    Are your ESXi servers responding to a PING from the ISD Server?  I mean, when you are directly logged into the system hosting the ISD Server.

    If so, it means certain commands/protocols are working but not others (like Discovery protocols), so you need to investigate why that is or what's changed since your last ISD Server implementation on the network.

    Furthermore, you can also discover your ESXi servers via VMControl (Xpress Edition is enough), via discovering the vCentre Server.  If you gain access to this, it will give you a view of all your ESXi servers and their virtual machines, without having to discover them all directly.