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Pinned topic Example of updating properties on a specific service?

‏2014-04-22T00:36:41Z | logging properties sdk service

Hi, I'd like to set the logging level on a single service, e.g. Report Service. I've seen some mention of how to do this, and it looks like you do not make calls directly on the ReportService_PortType instance, but you query the content store to get a handle to the report service, then set the rsAuditLevel property, and call update() on content manager service. Is that correct? If so, I can find no mention anywhere of what the search path is for a particular service!

eg. in SearchPathMultipleObject sPath = new SearchPathMultipleObject(searchPath), what is searchPath? "/services[@name='Report']", /configuration/services[@name="ReportService"], or ... ?? Where is this documented? 

And if that's not the proper way to do it, can you explain the right way. I've read "Set the Logging Level" on page 102 of the Developer Guide, and it does not mention the searchPath for querying a service.