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Pinned topic Need Regex for Quoted string which supports RFC3261

‏2014-03-12T05:24:10Z |

Hi Team,

I need your help to create a regular expression which supports the following quoted string for informix database
 quoted-string  = (qdtext / quoted-pair )
      qdtext         =   / %x21 / %x23-5B / %x5D-7D / UTF8-NONASCII

   The backslash character ("\") MAY be used as a single-character
   quoting mechanism only within quoted-string and comment constructs.
   Unlike HTTP/1.1, the characters CR and LF cannot be escaped by this
   mechanism to avoid conflict with line folding and header separation.

    quoted-pair  =  "\" (%x00-09 / %x0B-0C
                / %x0E-7F)