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Pinned topic TWSearch not working for newly exposed variables for old instances

‏2019-08-27T20:00:16Z | bpm8.5.7 bpm8.6

Hi All,


I have few process variables in my process and some of them are exposed as "Available for Search"/"Visible in Process Portal".Now,I have exposed few more variables and building a dashboard using TWSearch().

The issue I face is,the TWSearch() fetches the data for newly exposed variables which belongs to new instances and not for the old instances.


When I create new BPD Instance,The dashboard shows all the data for this but for old BPD instances,the new variables fields are empty.Is there any way to fix this problem?



  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: TWSearch not working for newly exposed variables for old instances


    If the instances are completed I don't think there is a path to what you want with TWSearch.  If they are still active, and are on the new snapshot, I'd have to run an experiment to see if the data is populated when the token moves at the Instance level.  I would hope so, but have no data either way.


    If you are really doing reporting, especially if it is on completed instances, I'd recommend looking at simply dumping the instance data using the ReST API to a no-SQL DB and use that to build your report, rather than depending on TWSearch.  In general I've found that separating the reporting / data warehousing repository from the transactional repository to be a net benefit to a solution.  


    -Andrew Paier