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Pinned topic ODBC Connector not working with SPSS 21

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I don't know if this was covered before or if is even an SPSS problem but I couldnt find a specific answer until now

. Until recently I used SPSS 20, and used the ODBC connectors (MySQL ODBC 5.2w driver) to import data from the server. When I installed and registered SPSS 21, the ODBC connectors stopped working, telling me that the drivers were not present. I reinstalled the ODBC connectors that I could find on Oracle site (MySQL ODBC 5.2 UNICODE Driver which I read it was the equivalent of MySQL ODBC 5.2w driver) , but now I get the error that "Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) autentification protocol refused. (client option 'secure_auth' enabled) "

I read that it has something to do with how the passwords are hashed on the server.. no necessarily a SPSS problem. However I had this problem also with SQL Workbench 6, but I managed to fix it simply by ticking "Use the old autentification protocol" option . 

Is there a similar option in SPSS? IS there any quick fix in SPSS.. or is it more complicated and I should look somewhere else for the answer and not with SPSS? 


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    Re: ODBC Connector not working with SPSS 21


    First thing is to make sure that you are using matching bit-ness in your ODBC Admin and drivers with Statistics.  If you are using 64- bit Statistics, you need the 64-bit ODBC materials.  As for the specific error, I don't have any idea of the cause, but you should be sure to use the updated Driver Access pack for Statistics, and you might want to turn on the ODBC trace option in order to get more information.  However, this may have nothing specifically to do with Statistics.