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Pinned topic How to export SMS messages from iPhone?

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iPhone has been my favorite smartphone platform for quite a while now, and I have rarely had a reason to regret my decision. However, there are certain limitations to Apple's closed ecosystem that makes it a real pain to deal with at times, and not being able to do much about your SMS/iMessage conversations is one of them. You see, with Android, iPhone's major competitor, you get tons of solutions for backing up and retrieving your SMS conversations from the device and keep them safe on your computer. With iOS, however, one's not so lucky, seeing as how Apple doesn't deem it feasible to allow apps or people to play around with such sensitive data in the name of security.So is there any way to export SMS messages from iPhone?

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    In order export text messages from iPhone, the easist way is using the transfer tool, the iTunes also can help, but it can't be read in pc.

    how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer, how to transfer music from iPhone to computer

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    In order to back up SMS from iPhone to somewhere else, the easiest way is to rely on iPhone data recovery software, which can not only backup iPhone data ,but also can recover your deleted data. 

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    You can try a backup program called iPubsoft iPhone Backup Extractor. Easy to use. Just connect both your iPhone and computer via usb and then click the transfer botton. See the tutorial on how to transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to computer.

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    In my opinion. you cannot transfer SMS from iPhone to computer directly. Maybe you are lucky transfer them via Google account or iCloud or other ways, but the best way is to transfer SMS with iPhone transfer program.

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    You can download programs like iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer soaftware that say they will help you export iphone data to computer.Just google it.

    How to export iphone sms to pc

    How to transfer iphone data to computer

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    I want to share a solution here: Vibosoft iphone backup extractor program is also a good choice, u can keep the valuable short messages for using whenever you need.

    How to save messages from iPhone to computer



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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    You can not export iPhone messages to computer directly .In fact ,you need to use some tool to come true it !Now ,I recommend you use Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to PC Transfer software.

    How to print off iPhone SMS/Messages

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    Thanks for sharing such useful information. I've heard of this trick once before and I must say, what a strategy. Transferring files from your iPhone to your computer can spend much time so to lessen that just download some app that can help you more easily and the best way for that is this recover deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone for your assurance that the messages you will send will not be deleted. For more information this Whatsapp Recovery will let you learn more.


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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?



    iPhone Data Recovery software can help you to get back your deleted text messages on iPhone easily. This software can scan your iPhone deeply and find the deleted text messages. You can preview the messages and then recover them from iPhone to computer. Learn how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone here. You can also recover deleted iMessages, photos, videos, contacts, voice memos, notes, Whatsapp messages, reminders, calendars and so on.

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    Re: How to export SMS messages from iPhone?


    We are now spending more and more time with our smartphones, making calls, sending messages, taking photos, etc. All of these data are wonderful moments of our life. What if you lose or delete them by mistake from your Android phone? Don't be panic! The data will still be there for a while, before new data comes in and replaces them. So, what you need to do is,

    1) Stop using your Android phone, don't even make any calls, to avoid any new data

    2) Use Android data recovery tool to restore your lost data

    We have tested all the Android data recovery tools in the market, and reviewed them from different angles, including how many Android devices and OS versions they support, what kinds of data they can restore, whether it's easy to use and how about the support service, etc. Hope the best 5 Android data recovery tools could help you restore your lost data and retrieve the good memories!

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