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Pinned topic OPTIM 7.1 et upgradee DB2 V9 to V10

‏2013-12-13T16:34:47Z | db2 v10 v9


We are in OPTIM 7.1 on Z/OS V1R12.

Soon we are upgrading our version of DB2 V9 to DB2 V10.

Do you know if this DB2 upgrade involve

  • Modification in OPTIM batch jcl or sysin ?
  • Modification in paramters in OPTIM (Access definition, relations, etc.) ?
  • Others modification for OPTIM behavior ?

Do you know if the upgrade to DB2 V10 give possibility to improve rapidity of the OPTIM request and relation to extract the rows of table ?

Thanks for your help.



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    Re: OPTIM 7.1 et upgradee DB2 V9 to V10



    You will not need changes to ADs or relations.

    Unless your DB2 libraries are changing, you will not need batch jcl changes as well.

    You would need rebinds for OPTIM modules which I believe would be taken care as part of DB2 upgrade activities.