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Pinned topic Need to set the attribute vlaue of one object data based on the similar attribute values of another object data

‏2014-01-15T08:28:14Z |

There are two objects for example OBJX and OBJY

OBJX have two YORN attributs T1 and T2. OBJY also have 2 YORN attribbutes T1 and T2.


Each OBJX data contains two OBJY data. (similar like one SR has two CRs) T1 value of OBJX is logical 'OR' of T1 values of OBJY. Similarly for T2 as well.

For example:


X1 is an OBJX data. Y1 and Y2 are OBJY datas. Y1 and Y2 are members of X1.

T1 of Y1 is 0 and T1 of Y2 is 1, then T1 of X1 should be 1 ('0 OR 1')

Is there any way to implement this ?