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Pinned topic MDM Server v10 transaction fails after installation - [Application Name and Version must be set]

‏2013-06-05T13:03:01Z | mdm-migration

I have installed MDM Server v10 AE on my windows box(XP). I ran the script manually since the DEST tool did not create the datasources / SIB / Activation specs etc. However the configelement , appsoftware, appdeployment tables are populated correctly.

Now when I test a service , I get the following error ( Don't have the actual log.....but )


[Error : Application Name and version must be set] = failed at getConfiguration()


I checked the, the deployment name ( MDMServer) matches with that of the name column in Appdeployment table.


Also in the appsoftware, the version is 10.0.0 and the name is Infosphere Master Data Management Server.


Has anyone faced a similar error, I will try to fetch the actual logs from the client environment.