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Pinned topic Missing vm.jar from jre bundled with RAD 9

‏2013-11-06T16:35:52Z | jre rad9 vm.jar


I have installed RAD 9 onto my Win 7 machine and imported an old project in order to test.  The project will not build because it cannot find java.lang.Object.  Looking in the JRE System Library in RAD - which is pointed at the jre installed with RAD 9 - I see that vm.jar is not there.  So I checked in the new jre on the file system - C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP_1\jdk\jre\lib on my machine - and vm.jar is not there either.  So I checked the entire SDP (C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP_1) - and vm.jar is nowhere to be found.  I also checked a colleague's installation - no vm.jar for him either (though he is currently testing on an old jre so hasn't experienced this problem yet).

So is this actually a usable jre, and if so where is java.lang.Object if its not in vm.jar?