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Hello all!

I've got omnifind with stand-alone configuration. One configured JDBC crawler on DB2 base. 

Everything were working fine, but when i integrated omnifind 9.1 in WebSpherePortal as ESearchPortlet (everything was done using infocenter(preparing, integrating and etc.), i add portlet to page and got error, "There are no collections or external sources available to search. Contact your enterprise search administrator to verify that the search application is associated with collections and external sources. The administrator should also monitor the search servers for the collection and verify that the servers are running.". I decide to check usual omnifind search program - and there i got an error: "The collection is not available. Confirm that the search server is running and that collections are available.". In the same time, in Administration Console - Security -  Configure application IDs  - there are NO any application Ids, but in file "ibm\es\esadmin\config\" all search IDs. Before integrating - everything was working in Search Program... I've found similar forum topic and there was instruction about adding to jetty.xml entry "<Set name="headerBufferSize">16192</Set> " but it did not help me. Help me please ;-)

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    Have you tried to add new application IDs? I'm sure you need them. On my OmniFind server I can find one application ID with name RestAPI and one Search. Please create them if they are missing. Both are mapped to "All search collections".

    I do not think that jetty.xml has something to do with that.

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