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Pinned topic How to enable CM Server tslogger?

‏2013-06-06T14:18:11Z |

The above document says the tslogger is disabled by default. How can I enable it? I don't see the \logs folder in my CM server: D:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\CM\



  • benray
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    Re: How to enable CM Server tslogger?


    Typically we don't want to turn on this sort of logging unless we are investigating an issue that support is not able to reproduce. I believe all configuration is via the file and you'll need to create a world-writable logs folder in the CM folder you referenced. 

    There's a little info here on setting the properties:

    Note you'll need to restart CM Server to enable/disable logging, and there will be a performance hit. If you think you really do need this kind of data to investigate a problem I'd urge you to open a PMR as this is not exactly routine maintenance.

  • tcassid
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    Re: How to enable CM Server tslogger?


    Is there a need to enable additional logging?  What is the problem faced?