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‏2013-04-26T08:33:44Z | errors. inconsistency registry

Hi All

I am having problems removing registry inconsistency errors in our clearcase system.

I cannot remove these entries l have tried the following commands to remove

clt rmview -force -tag

clt unregister -view -uuid

In the registry the messages im getting are " This view tag has no view object with same UUID"

The tags may have been removed accidentally.


How do l get rid of these entries?



  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: registry errors rgy_check


    You need to do

    cleartool rmtag -view [the-view-tag]

    The tag should be clear from the rgy_check output.

  • blossy121
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    Re: registry errors rgy_check


    Hi Dave


    Thanks for the reply worked a treat.

    had 1100 inconsistencies in the registyry, all gone now.