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Pinned topic rmscok can not work for udp4 PCB

‏2013-05-06T07:01:46Z | 5.3 aix

I want to  identify the process which connect to  udp/53(DNS) port.

But failed.  Anybody know how to identify the process, thanks!

When I run "rmsock" it report error and generate one core file in current path directory. is  host  "AAA". AAA use different local different udp port tries to connect 53/udp port each time. The interval estimate time should be 0.1 second.

AAA:/etc/perf/daily # netstat -Aan |grep 196
70ee7300 udp4     206      0    
AAA:/etc/perf/daily # netstat -Aan |grep 196
71497300 udp4     206      0    
AAA:/etc/perf/daily # rmsock 71497300 inpcb
Segmentation fault(coredump)
AAA:/etc/perf/daily #

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    Re: rmscok can not work for udp4 PCB


    I use command "lsof -nP -i " find the process. Thanks!