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‏2013-07-25T16:47:07Z | bdds flowports flows

This seems like a topic that may have come up at some point in the forums, but after a few searches I was unable to find the info I needed. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere before.

I have two blocks in a BDD which I have created and created a relationship between the two with multiple flows. In order to support the IBD and our Interface development, my colleagues and I are putting flowPorts on our block and migrating the flows over to the flowports.

We would like those flows to also show up on new BDDs we create, and we are having trouble getting them to show up. It seems like the problem is that in the BDD flowports don't automatically show up. So you have to go into the blocks and select "show ports". when you do that the flows don't automatically populate.

Is there any way to get an existing flow to show up on a diagram without an auto-populate based on dragging the block in? It seems like if you remove a flow from view and then, later, try to get the flow back on the diagram (even without flowports) you have to remove the block from view and then add it back again.

Again, if this has been covered elsewhere before I apologize.


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    Re: Populating BDDs with Flows


    Hi, it was strange, but I couldn't reproduce the issue as you described.

    Can you mention what version of Rhapsody you are using?