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Pinned topic Propagate successful ObjectGrid commits to other standalone clients

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Extreme Scale Version : 8.6

I am trying to working on the following concept in  extreme scale . Attached is the screen shot 
a) I have a Server Process A that is WebSphere Extreme Scale Server Grid , holding a  Map. 
b) I have two clients B and C are  connecting to the Grid and accessing the map . The two clients register a different event listeners . I am inserting a key/value pair in Process B . Once I commit the pair, I am getting callback to ObjectGridEventListener transactionEnd function in Process B, but not in Process C
c) My Server ( Process A)  is a simple server provided by Extreme Scale getting started tutorial.  All I did for developing an listener interface is implement ObjectGridEventListener and using the Object Grid Map API, registerEventListener function.

Can this be achieved in ExtremeScale with out taking using JMSObjectGridEventListener or TranPropListener route ? 


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    Re: Propagate successful ObjectGrid commits to other standalone clients


    ObjectGridEventListeners give call backs for the events that happen to their local ObjectGrid instance.  They do not give a call back for events that happen in another proess.  The JMSObjectGridEventListener and TranPropListener are distributed event listeners that can give some of that additional callback function for remote events.

    If you give some feedback on what you are trying to accomplish with Proceess C getting called back we can give some options to make that happen.  There are some design patterns that may apply depending on what you are trying to do.  Obviously if the EventListener is on the server side it gets notified of events from all clients that have operations flow to the server (i.e. not using noWriteThrough transactions or a cache hit from a near cache).

    I hope that gives you what you need.

    Jared Anderson