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Two days back, we have executed some scripts on script sandbox. Today, we want their execution start and end timing.

Is there a way to check for the same by looking at some system table space or somewhere else?

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    Re: Audit Log for Script operation


    Well you can print the start and end time by adding a couple of lines to the code. "Date today ()" will give you the server date and time while "Date getDateTimeInUserTimeZone()" will give you the users' date and time even if it is in a different timezone. So have date1 as the time at start and date2 as time at the end.

    Then you can print date1 and date2 to know what it is. This will be printed in the output as well as the svc.out file in $TOP/logs/appsvr_HostName/ directory.

    But the code will not save the execution times for a sandbox script by itself. We will have to extract it using methods like the one described above.