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Art Wermers
Art Wermers
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Pinned topic Very Lazy Load of Tree View

‏2015-09-24T23:33:15Z | ajax dojo jquery

Has anyone had to do this -

I want to load a Tree View from the with a potentially large number of nodes so of course would want to use a Lazy Load.  It seems simple enough to not load any children until a node is expanded - - in DoJo I could simply specify the tree model as "deferItemLoadingUntilExpand: true".


Here is the hard part - any given expanded node could have thousands of children.  What I want to do is load the first 100 or so, display to the user and then in the background continue to update the tree until all the children are loaded.  In that way, the user can start working on the children before all of the children are loaded.


Any suggestions?