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i've discovered a different behaviour from DOORS on Pictures and OLEs.


It seems that OLE-Objects will be saved "zip-ed" on the filesystem.

On the other side the pictures will be saved uncompressed on disk (if you zip this file manually (.pict) you could compress it to 10% size of the original size, example pict is 250kb big, and the compressed version 25kb)


Is this normal behaviour in DOORS and why will be pictures not saved compressed? (would save huge amount of space, in newest version not so much if the new concept of saving baselines and OLEs is used for pictures too)


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    Re: Difference between OLE and Pictures on Filesystem


    DOORS originally had the '>Insert>Picture" function before richtext was introduced but it was kind of replaced by the OLE insertion feature when richtext was added.

    Not sure if many people use '>Insert>Picture" anymore.

    It may just be there for backwards compatibility with legacy data.


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