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Pinned topic x3650 Memory to Processor question

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I've read that paticular DIMM slots are assigned to each microprocessor. My question is, if I have 1 processor isntalled, and have maxed out it's memory slots. If I install additional memory in the DIMM slots assigned to the #2 processor, will the additional memory be used? Will it even be read? If not, I suppose that I would have to buy higher capacity memory to replace the current.

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    Re: x3650 Memory to Processor question


    Dear  Kevin,

    are you sure you are talking about server x3650? Your words about CPU and memory point to another server, ether x3650m3 or x3650m4. Check your server type/model on the from panel.

    In any case read the User's Guide for memory using rules.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow