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In my RDT, precompile CCSID 500 is used, and during bind ENCODING UNICODE(1208) is used. Because of this data is converting to different format while inserting/retrieving thru COBOL DB2 program host variables?.

How to change the CCSID from 1208 to 500?


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    Re: How to change CCSID


    On your system locate the job used to assemble and link load module DSNHDECP. On my system it was in data set DSNA10.SDSNAMP member ZDSNTIJUZ.  Reassembling this module with your desired CCSIDs and placing the load module in the DB2 exit data sets (SDSNEXIT) may address your problem.  Be very careful,  there may be unintended consequences when changing this module.   I have add to recustomized the entire DB2 database to switch from ASCII or UNICODE to EBCDIC or other CCSID settings.  Be prepared for this.