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‏2013-09-09T14:25:54Z |

Hi All,

need some help and guidelines regarding  "UpdatingBatch".

I'm having an scenario where in one UpdatingBatch instance we have documents to delete and add with new document with deleted document ID.

This approach works for a batch size of 2(i.e one document to delete and one for add).

But want some advise on below points for a batch size of 1000.

UpdatingBatch ub = UpdatingBatch.createUpdatingBatchInstance(domain, RefreshMode.REFRESH);

ub.add("document to delete", null);

ub.add("document to add", null);


//batch complete

1) so in above scenario if batch size is 1000,then is there any guarantee that,UpdatingBatch will always first perform delete and then add the document.

2)What will be the ideal size of UpdatingBatch?is there any limit considering performance impact for Documents with content and without content.


Thank you.