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Pinned topic Potential issues with Mod 4 3270 terminals

‏2014-02-26T16:48:38Z |

I'm working with a customer that has Mod 4 terminals.  I have a host simulation of their operations.  However, when replaying this host simulation I will randomly get ECL0010 errors during replay.   I have tried adjusting the timings for the host simulation with no consistent results.

There is an old existing technote that describes what I believe I am seeing:  

Could this a problem with Mod 4 terminals, or an issue with the implementation with the IMS system driving it?  

Would it be expected to see the same result in a live connection?

  • george.baker
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    Re: Potential issues with Mod 4 3270 terminals


    The ECL0010 errors do not seem to effect playback.

    When running the project on server in the studio using the host sim recording it frequently will fail the first time you try it; however, if you simply Disconnect and Restart the playback seems to work.  

    If anyone from development wants a copy of the project let me know.  I believe I can also create a video of the operations as well.