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Pinned topic RedHat 5.7 on a Power System P710 - eth0 missing

‏2012-02-09T13:21:43Z |
 I've just installed RedHat 5.7  on a Power 710 , I configured the Linux lpar with one HEA/IVE port but I cannot find the related eth0 device even if the hardware is correctly recognized.
The lscfg command showing the following :
+ lhea             U78AB.001.WZSG1PF-P1  lhea                                  
+ ethernet         U78AB.001.WZSG1PF-P1-C2-T1                                  
                                         PORT - 1 IBM Host Ethernet Adapter 
also kuzu -p shows:
class: NETWORK                                                                 
bus: VIO                                                                       
detached: 0                                                                    
device: eth0                                                                   
driver: ehea                                                                   
desc: "PORT - 1 IBM Host Ethernet Adapter"                                     
but still not able to get the eth0 device.
Even in the dmesg there is nothing related the the ethernet device.
Any ideas on how to fix the problem ? 
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    Re: RedHat 5.7 on a Power System P710 - eth0 missing

    Were the interfaces added/removed/adjusted after the initial install? 

    Are there any "ehea" related messages in dmesg?  if not, a "modprobe ehea" may be all that you need.
    (if that is the root issue,.. I would have expected the network configuration steps to have handled this OK.  a re-run with your favorite system-config-network-{gui,tui,cmd} may be appropriate.
    Contents of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth*  and /etc/modprobe.conf may be interesting.