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Pinned topic Where is "Library Server Parameters" in System Administration Client?

‏2013-12-07T18:02:07Z | administration client content for ii4c information integrator on sign single sso system

I was setting up Single Sign-on for the eClient using the System Administration Client with II4C. One of the instructions said:

Set the Allow trusted logon flag in the library server configuration. Using the system administration client, go to Library Server ParametersConfigurations > Library Server Configuration. Ensure that Allow trusted logon is selected.

But I couldn't find the "Library Server Parameters" anywhere in the SA Client. I must not be looking in the right place. Is it supposed to be listed in the tree, or in the top pull-down menus?

I was able to implement this part of the SSO setup by going directly to the Library Server database using DB2 tools and changing the AllowTrustedLogon field value in the ICMSTSysControl table. But I still would like to know where the settings can be managed in the SA client.

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    Re: Where is "Library Server Parameters" in System Administration Client?


    see attached