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Pinned topic SSH Timeout on AMM cli

‏2013-05-17T12:01:32Z |


I am trying to set a high timeout or infinite timeout for SSH over the cli, but its not working - I get kicked out generally after a few minutes.

Am I using the right method?

env -T system:mm[1]
tcpcmdmode -status 10
tcpcmdmode -sstatus 10
tcpcmdmode -t 0

Also tried with/without -sstatus, no methods I tried seemed to work.





  • gez
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    Re: SSH Timeout on AMM cli


    changing tcpcmdmode has nothing to do with ssh, that is a timeout used for IBM Director communications

    you need to use

    telnetcfg -t timeout

    where timeout is from 0
    seconds (no timeout) to
    4294967295 seconds


  • Josh_Corder
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    Re: SSH Timeout on AMM cli


    You need to use the accseccfg command.  For a timeout of 90000 seconds try....

    accseccfg -ct 90000 -T mm[1]


  • chrisc100
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    Re: SSH Timeout on AMM cli


    Thankyou both commands seem to do the trick.