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Pinned topic Global Variables in Coach (CSHS)

‏2019-07-26T16:55:13Z | bpm coach cshs

Dear all,

In the BPM File Dropzone, I am trying to count the number of  files uploaded and set and get that data in various event blocks. Let's say,

if I set the var numberOfFiles = 0; variable in "On Load Event", I am unable to read/get that variable in  "On File Added" event.


Are variables (set and get) specific to the controls that are dropped into the UI blocks ?

How are global variables set and retrieved in coaches ?

Do I need a coach view with full context binding ?


Appreciate your thoughts and responses.


Thanks again,




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  • QuikJean
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    Re: Global Variables in Coach (CSHS)


    If you want to say some data across events like you are trying to achieve you need to use an additional control : "Data".

    You don't have to bind the Data control to any real variable.