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‏2013-09-18T22:18:36Z |

Hello. I am looking for some pros and cons of using different integration options between JEE application deployed on WAS and XC-10 appliance. Just to provide some background my current client has very simple cache requirements and we try to decide if using dynacache grid and accessing that grid through dynamic cache DistributedMap API is simpler and more flexible option than using data grid and accessing it using ObjectMap XS API. 

The advantages of using dyna cache as we see it are:

1) We can control which map we want to keep in server's memory and how many entries from that map we want to keep locally.

The ObjectMap (depending on the map template we use) seems to be a little blunt in that respect as through specific map template it only allows to choose if near cache is used but not the size of the near cache. 

2) We can run and test application in environments that are not integrated with XC-10 device. Thsi is very important for single developers' workstations which won't be connected to the grid.

When we access ObjectMap we have to have connection to the grid on XC-10 device. If the connection is not there we receive  an exception. It also seems like we would need to install eXtreme Scale server on each developer's workstations and replicate grids available on XC-10 device to enable them to develop and test code that depends on cache. 

I am pretty new to eXtreme Scale. I would appreciate any suggestions or clarifications if the above statements are untrue.