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‏2017-03-31T08:54:45Z | jms queue


We have to integrate data sent by other business applications in jms mode in a JMS queue. We have one java program that waits (in a while loop) messages with one message consumer using consumer.receive method.

The message processing can take some time (up to 20 s). In order to improve througput is it better to have

multiple java process launched in parallel to consume messages

or in the same program to use multiple consumers or messagelisteners ?

Is there a risk that 2 different process consume and process the same message or a message will be delivered to only one receiver ?

What's the best option ?

Thanks a lot

  • Mad1_IBM
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    Re: jms queue multiple consumers


    yes you can. But one msg is listened by any one of them, after completion will send one acknowledgment to JMS Q.





  • MaxRodkin
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    Re: jms queue multiple consumers


    Hi Max!

    i have the same situation - several (up to 100) consumers in one queue. 

    The destiny consumer for answer is selecting cancerning special xml flag inside data packet.

    and have problem - answer message may readed by wrong consumer, which don`t care about special xml flag.

    How to calculate the theft? Can i see in MQ log the IP , who red the message actually?