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Pinned topic Classification CL field truncation 100 characters

‏2017-10-26T19:23:05Z | data integrator

Hi All,

So I encountered a bug with Classification (CL) field types.  I have a Classification BO with the publish name comprised of (ID - Name).  I have a certain amount of records where the character length in the Name field that is about 150 characters.  As such, the full length of the publish name will be more than 100 characters.

Problem: I went to a Form that references that Classification via an associated CL field.  After I selected the value, I noticed that the displayed value showed a truncated value that was less than 100 characters.  However, I went to the Association tab of that Form and it had the correct association.

Second Problem:  When I imported data via Data Integrator, I made sure that the CL field had the full path which is more than 100 characters.  DI gave not errors after import.  Opened the record to verify CL field populated.  Well, the CL field was not updated and left null.  I had to manually select the value in the CL field to associated it correctly.

Question: How do I import data with CL fields that have more than 100 characters?

Thanks in advance!

  • sgarcia0033
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    Re: Classification CL field truncation 100 characters


    I am not sure how to import data with CL fields that are more than 100 characters, but if you feel have encountered some bugs, please submit a PMR.