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Pinned topic Storwize monitoring with SCOM and IBM Storage MP v2.1

‏2013-12-04T23:30:05Z | monitoring scom storage


We are trying to monitor Storwize storage system with Microsoft SCOM and IBM storage management pack v2.1. It seems that documentation is missing the information on how to do the monitoring through a SCOM gateway with only monitoring connection (TCP5723) to management servers. It seems that the managemetn pack would want scomu.cmd to connect to SCOM SDK service on a management server on a port TCP5724. This is now guessing, but it definitely seems so.

This is not possible on our scenario where only monitoring traffic through TCP5723 is allowed into the management servers.

We are able to run scomu.cmd directly on management server to create system center configuration, but unsuccessful on gateway. Gateway is able to connect successfully to the Storwize V7000 system, but is not able to add that into monitoring as the system center configuration is missing. And again that is impossible to add from the GW as it seems to require TCP5724 / SDK access.

This is the error we get when trying to add the storwize into monitoring.

PS C:\Program Files\IBM\Storage\Host\IBMStorageSCOM\bin> .\scomu.cmd --add -t svc --ip --authmode password
--username StorwizeMonitoringAccout --password MyPassword
Connecting to the device ...
1 IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller is found.
cluster ID: 00000200A020C30C, code level: (build 54.6.1111250000), location: local

The connection is OK.
Trying to add the connection...
System Center configuration is missing

How to get forward and get help through IBM as this would probably be resolved with an update to the documentation by adding the information how to add the "system center configuration" on a server that does not have SDK connection into SCOM management server, but has normal SCOM agent or gateway.




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