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Phil A
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‏2013-07-22T18:43:10Z |

Hello -

We would like to clone an existing z/OS LPAR into the RD&T we recently purchases.  We were going to do so using the disk migration utility.

The source z/OS system uses an IODEF to define the UCBs we would prefer to use for DASD, consoles, OSA, etc.

Can we use an existing IODEF that is using a processor *not* in basic mode?

Does z1090 require the emulated processor to be a multiprise box with emulated I/O etc?


  • RDzJohn
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    Re: HCD

    ‏2013-07-25T12:09:18Z  in response to Phil A

    RD&T supports basic mode only.  It does not support logical subsystems.  It does include HCD and you may create your own IODF.  The IODF supplied with RD&T is documented in the zPDT Redbooks.  RD&T also supports 3 digit device numbers only.  Maximum number of devices is FFF.  Not sure I understand your last question.