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Pinned topic Category not reflected in Facet View

‏2019-02-13T11:49:11Z | facetview


I need help on FacetView in Search(Solr) Response. (Version 7 FEP 8)


When I try to add new Category and create a new product under it We are not getting the added new category in Facet view.

But we are getting the added new SKUs and its Parent Category id we getting correctly in Search response. 


Please help to understand how we can resolve this issue. Important point to be noted here is We are getting the newly added category in response after restart of Solr Server as it build the Cache again.


Note : 1. When I try to dig on this issue I see we are getting response from SolrRESTSearchFacetQueryPostprocessor class. Which internally calls FacetHelper to build the FacetView from the distributed cache. declaration given below.

private static final DistributedMapCache MY_GET_FACET_PROPERTIES_CACHE = myGetFacetPropertiesInitializeDistributedMapCache();

URLs Used: /search/resources/store/10201/productview/bySearchTerm/*?searchType=102&categoryId=100

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