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‏2013-04-22T17:02:08Z |

I successfully installed DB2 Express-c, V10.1  on my Mac that is running OS/X 10.8.3.  DB2FS would not start until I went into the DBM CFG and pointed to the correct path for Java.  Now the screen to select the browser pops up and I enter the path to Firefox.  The welcome  screen for First Steps pops up, but the following error message is in a pop-up screen "exception type error: Netscape.Security.PrivilegeManager is undefined.

What do I need to do in order to correct this problem.

Also, is there a manual way to create the SAMPLE database without using FirstSteps.





  • reblu
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    Re: Mac - db2fs fails


    Someone, please assist me.  I need to get this installed.



  • mheitz
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    Re: Mac - db2fs fails


    I'm on Linux and I have the same problem.  My browser is Firefox ESR 17.0.3.

    I created the sample database with the db2sampl command  I don't know if db2sampl exists on Mac.

  • MattTarnawsky
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    Re: Mac - db2fs fails


    I ran into the same problem as well - it appears that the methods used to gain extra system privileges have been removed from the latest versions of Firefox, due to security concerns at their end.  That appears to leave the options of looking at other browsers, or using the db2sampl script to create the sample database.

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    Re: Mac - db2fs fails


    Did you already fixed ???? thanks if you have any advanced.