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Pinned topic Invalid Json resposne during dp:url-open

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Getting below response with junck characters while invoking a backend using dp:url-open


dp:url-open target="{$RoutingURL}" response="responsecode-binary" http-headers="$ClientHeader" data-type="base64" content-type="application/json" ssl-proxy="{$RoutingURLSSL}" http-method="post"


Response :

{"errors":[{"code":401,"reasonCode":"Invalid Header","message":"User Id can't be supplied blank."},{"code":401,"reasonCode":"Invalid Header","message":"Invalid Application Id supplied."},{"code":401,"reasonCode":"Invalid Header","message":"Invalid Consent Level - only values supported 0, 1 and 2."},{"code":401,"reasonCode":"Invalid Header","message":"Outlet I

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    Re: Invalid Json resposne during dp:url-open


    You get back a chunked HTTP response, 1e6 is hex length of message, 
 is carriage-return.

    Message clearly states what is wrong with the message you sent, but we cannot see.

    Please take packet capture and see what gets sent from DataPower to $RoutingURL.

    In case it contains no confidential information and you still have questions, please attach the complete message (best raw) from Wireshark here.
    Otherwise open a support ticket with that information.


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