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‏2013-12-23T03:44:19Z | clearquest license

Dear All,

I don't know what this means, but whenever I run the lmutil lmstat -f to check for the licenses usage, the output always confuses me.

It displays license consumption in two sets in the same window:

1)    ibmratl: UP v11.8  and 

2) rational: UP v11.8

But interestingly both the sets have the same data. Say if Set 1 has 3 licenses consumed by users a, b and c, the Set 2 also shows the same 3 licenses utilized by the same users a, b and c respectively.

I can provide the output here, but again not sure if its any standard business process violation.




  • DonaldN
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    Re: about CQ Licensing


    That's a bit strange, since for the License Server that you're using, daemon "rational" should not be used at all. Daemon "ibmratl" is all you need to serve licenses for all Rational products.

    If you can bring down your License Server temporarily, try the following.

    1) Open the license file, i.e. rational_server_perm.dat.

    2) Look for the lines starting with "VENDOR", there should be two lines as shown below.

    VENDOR ibmratl

    VENDOR rational

    3) Remove the line with "rational".

    4) Save the changes and restart the License Server.

    If you want to get more details about the License Server and the daemons, check out the log file lmgrd.log. The messages there should be quite straightforward.