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Pinned topic SCCD 751 install on RHEL

‏2013-04-16T07:01:04Z | db2 error install

I tried to install SCCD SP 751 on RHEL from direct RHEL with linux installer. Middleware goes OK but SCCD installation stops and the error message is

CTGIN2321E: The port number 50005 is in use on XXXX.

DB2 is running. It is listening on TCP port 50005.

Any ideas?

  • KenEregie
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    Re: SCCD 751 install on RHEL


    are u reinstalling sccd on same system?

  • Shane Howard
    Shane Howard
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    Re: SCCD 751 install on RHEL


    Are you specifying the correct db2 instance in the install panels? If you specify an instance that doesn't already exist the installer might be trying to create it. This could be causing the port conflicts as there is a current instance already running on that port.