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Pinned topic Creating custom dashboards

‏2019-08-26T09:43:01Z | available create dashboard new not


according to knowledgeceter, it's possible to create different dashboards to allocate different resources on them:


I don't see any of these options in my instance: " From the Custom Dashboard menu, click Create Custom Dashboard. "

I'm administrator (created the instance myself). Anyone having this same issue?

Thanks a lot for you help!


  • Tony Narduzzi
    Tony Narduzzi
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    Re: Creating custom dashboards


    Hello Alex,

    The instructions that you refer to apply only to the "operations" dashboard - which is the default dashboard view for Storage Insights customers who have not paid for (or initiated a trial of) the Storage Insights Pro service.  From your Dashboards menu, choose "operations" and when that displays you can see the dashboards menu which will allow you to create a custom dashboard based on your Storage Insights operations dashboard view only.


    If you would like to discuss this further, please open a support case at www.ibm.com/mysupport and we can continue this discussion there.


    Thank you.

    -Tony Narduzzi