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Pinned topic [HotFix] Duplicate queries in DOORS templates produce incorrect results

‏2013-06-04T08:09:36Z | 1201 doors hotfix rpe

Templates containing multiple instances of the same query ( ex: module/object) but having different attributes used are resolved incorrectly by RPE

This is a defect in RPE When a query is encountered multiple times but each occurrence  uses a different set of attributes, RPE will not resolve all the requested attributes.

Example: for a template using a module/object query with 5 attributes and a second module/object query with 3 different attributes RPE will retrieve from DOORS 8 attributes for each object.  Then when the first query is processed, RPE will assign the first 5 attributes to each result of the query but those attributes might not be the 5 needed. Similarly the second query will use the first 3 attributes to each result of the query but those might not be the 3 attributes needed.

A hotfix has been published for this problem. The fix is available on Fix Portal: