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Pinned topic High GC Activity on WMC

‏2013-07-25T13:05:47Z |


The resource utilization shows High GC Activity even after the below mentioned settings have been done on the Cast Iron orchestrations 

GC Activity = 100

  1. Total running jobs <=1
  2. % Memory used <=15
  3. % Disk used = 9


  1. Cleared the 'Enable Persistence option'.
  2. Checked the 'Process Orchestration jobs sequentially'
  3. Removed all the unused variables in the orchestration
  4. Set Logging to 'None'.
  5. Max Simulataneous jobs = 1

Please suggest what is missed here inorder to reduce high GC Activity?




Swetha Rai

  • YPS1_guybrush_guybrush
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    Re: High GC Activity on WMC


    It could be your design then, or you might be processing a very huge file and loading it to the memory in one shot. Not too sure your case, but you should check your design.

  • Katherine Sanders
    Katherine Sanders
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    Re: High GC Activity on WMC


    You should select the enable persistence option so that variables will be written to disk.  Otherwise Cast Iron has to store everything in memory.

    More details are available in the information center: Best Practices For Memory Management

    Also what version of Cast Iron are you using?  There are known memory issues that were fixed in and later.

  • peachy
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    Re: High GC Activity on WMC


    If you are basing this on the graph, it is a plotting "error" that results from a divide by zero. I have noticed these "spiky" graphs are prevalent on mostly idle systems.