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‏2013-10-29T13:26:01Z | relocation wpar


I'm looking for a supported configuration to allow manual relocation resp. failvover of a wpar to another LPAR.

This configuration should work without Power HA and the WPAR Manager.

I intend the following approach:

1. Create a rootvg WPAR on a disk that is shared between two LPARs (SAN)

root@lpar1: / >mkwpar -i -l -r -t -n wpar1-D devname=hdisk26 rootvg=yes -N address= interface=en0 netmask= -o /tmp/wpar1.conf

2. Copy the WPAR specification file to the target LPAR

root@lpar1: / >scp -p /tmp/wpar1.conf root@lpar2:/tmp

3. On lpar2 create the WPAR using the specification file

root@lpar2: / > mkwpar -p -f /tmp/wpar1.conf

The disk where the WPAR lives, is protected against concurrent access using SCSI3 persistent reservation.

Is this a suitable and supported solution ?

Thanks for usefull suggestion.