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Hi All,

We are planning to use version control for our WPF project. To start with it I am trying to understand whether we can use Rational Clear case or Rational Team concert? (Since we are suggesting this to our customers)

My wish is to use Rational Team Concert since I am finding lot of advantages over other tool.

Already customers are using Clearcase for service code, can we use the same tool for WPF projects or else do we have constraints for the same?

If we prefer to use Rational Team Concert then can we migrate existing code from Clearcase to this one?

Can someone provide your views.



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    Re: Version Control for WPF based Project

    As with any development tool,  if you're doing more than a quick throw away demo, then it's good to use a source control system to manage your source versions (including java, javascript, models, schemas, html, css etc),  so yes, WEF/WPF projects can and typically should be managed via source control when possible.
    There is information in the product documentation and WEF Wiki on best practices for doing so (including checking in the code "you" develop and not the code that is dynamically generated since the generated code is regenerated on each builder input change and each request to the server that may include profile information to determine the output of the generation.    We suggest going through that documentation before you start integrating with your source control environment so that you check in everything that's necessary but not so much that it causes problems doing additional generation of the webapps or application of fixpacks/upgrades etc.
    WEF does not dictate which source control system you should use, but obviously one that integrates with Eclipse may be easier for developers that are already using Eclipse for WEF.    As far as migrating code from Clearcase to RTC if/when you decide to, I have heard that it can be done and I know of a project that has done so, but for a more official statement you may want to try the Clearcase/RTC forums and/or customer support as to details of migration and any best practices or limitations involved.
    Here is some of the information I just found in a quick search of the Wiki - there may be more:
    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati 
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